Another fab trip to France

Another month passes and another pretty excellent trip to France – this trip to be specific…. 

Well….sort of anyway.  There were a few detours along the way like being sent in completely the wrong direction a couple of times, our GPS seeming to have some trouble with its right and left on some occasions, but really we couldn’t live without it in France.

This was a slightly more relaxed trip this time with the main driving done simply between St Malo and Bayeux each way then only little drives to other places.

The crossing to France was late largely because it seemed like the boat took an age to unload and load, but we got to the hotel at a half decent hour.  Eventually negotiated the computer that desperately tried to keep us out, and popped across the road for a late night McDonalds!  It’s all the travelling that requires it you see…..

The next morning we headed for Arromanches-les-Bains and more particularly the museum there commemorating the D-Day landings.  The museum was really interesting, but the town itself was just beautiful and a lovely place to stop for a lunchtime baguette.  By the end of the afternoon we were all a bit worn out really so popped back to the hotel before getting on with the serious business of shopping, and then the always lovely Buffalo Grill.

The next day we came back to Saint Malo via Alligator Bay.  We had read some mixed reviews on TripAdvisor but still wanted to go and I have to say we really enjoyed it.  You won’t spend a whole day there or anything but it made a nice stop for a couple of hours.  But DO believe the reviews when they tell you the alligators area smells A LOT when its hot.  I’d ask what they feed those animals but I saw it and it wasn’t pleasant so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised.

Then it was back to Saint Malo and a quick snack (moules et frites of course!).  We took a bit of extra time to find the underground (expensive) car park we used last time.  Yes it’s a bit pricey but worth it for knowing that you’ll get a space.

And that was it really.  A busy couple of days but it was really good fun too.  Now we already have our next trip booked for August and aside from the fact my better half isn’t coming I’m really looking forward to it.  Just got to decide where to go this time!!

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