In the air tonight

Yes I know it’s only a day or two since my last blog and in all honesty I’ve not done very much since then but writing this does very much help the time pass on the plane.

Today’s been a good day for what’s been little more than a travelling day.

I had a lovely breakfast a little bit later than normal then went back to the room to pack and watch some of the Saturday “lunchtime” (7:30 ko my time) football game.

I didn’t have to take my chances with the probably overpriced taxis as I’d had a really very kind offer of a lift. If I didn’t mind being licked by his dog. Ok – he didn’t ask quite like that and to even say that sounds grumpy and that’s unfair. It was a lovely drive with excellent company.

I was given some advice for my next destination, Antigua, too. Leaving Beef Island airport was fine. Quite good even actually and the flight to St Kitts then Antigua was fine.

Me being me I have learned already how to get the best seats on LIAT (when their planes actually make it – I won’t moan about the airline any more – been grumping in my twitter often)

Anyway I learned first time that LIAT do open seating, ie unreserved or free-for-all you could say. Except the front, emergency exit seats. They’re held till last. So hang back in the queue and you get extra legroom in exchange for having to open a door in the let’s-be-honest unlikely event of a survivable crash. I’ll take that.

So yes I am a plane comfort geek. But it’s worth it I can assure you.

This time I don’t have a club upgrade. Well really…

But in all fairness its perfectly comfortable here in World Traveller Plus. Plenty of space. Comfy seats. Same food as club, except it’s not presented like you’re in a restaurant. Can live without that.

Same tv as club last time though so I’m watching Top Gear. Again.

And then time for sleep I think since it’s just gone 3am in London. See you at the other side!

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