London shows and shopping

I’m writing this post in the first hour of our flight to Sharm El Sheikh and after what’s been a pretty full-on couple of days.

Our flight from Jersey to Gatwick seems like ages ago now but it was ok. Having paid for business class I was kind of hoping for better than ok though. It wasn’t bad though – the lounge was lovely but the flight was comfortable but really nothing special.

For example, past readers may recall me being offered champagne and a big breakfast. Not this time though. Coffee/tea and a continental brekkie just wasn’t what we were expecting. Then when we landed we had to dawdle around in a bus waiting for planes to (slowly) move about.

When we got going we were fine though. The Gatwick Express seems to have stopped the overpriced food and drink trolley but it was fine again. The hotel near Victoria Station (The Georgian House) was nice. The staff were very helpful looking after our bags both before we’d got our room and then after we’d checked-out.

Our plans were that we had two shows booked. First up was The Woman In Black in the Fortune Theatre. That’s quite near Covent Garden so we had time to wander there first too which is always a fun part of London. Managed to avoid the Radley shop too which is a bonus!

The show was superb. The theatre is quite small and it suited the show perfectly. If you’ve seen the film then just don’t expect the same experience. It starts quietly (but amusingly which you don’t expect) but really build to the end with terrific acting and presentation. A great experience.

In the evening we went to watch Scrooge at the Palladium. That was good clean christmassy fun and helped make a great start to our fortnight.

Yesterday was a more relaxed and unplanned day. In the morning we decided to go to the Westfield Shopping Centre. We thought about ice skating but decided against it. I was really impressed with Westfield. The variety of shops is huge and you could very easily pass a few hours there which we did without really trying to shop – we didn’t want too much stuff in our luggage.

We then made our way back to the hotel but via Piccadilly Circus and a walk to Green Park. That’s a walk we really should do more. The number of times we’ve changed at Green Park station without seeing what’s above ground is mad. It was an excellent walk.

We then continued back to the airport via picking our bags up at the hotel and a really slow Gatwick Express. Had a nice meal in the North Terminal and made our way to our rooms to chill.

Good day so far today too. Just hoping this flight passes quickly so we can get on with our holiday 🙂

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