Chilling by the pool

I find myself writing here on a Wednesday night – well, Thursday morning really – and wondering what to say.

It’s certainly not that we’ve not had a great time. We’ve certainly done more than that. The surreal experience of watching the sun set in just minutes over Mt Sinai while hearing Christmas songs piped across the PA system, is one it will take a while to forget.

It’s not that the entertainment hasn’t been entertaining. On some level at least. Although being invited up to dance to “Hey Baby” again is an experience I could live without. I would imagine that’s helped by the fact most people who were present were also taking part.

The weather’s been gorgeous and we’ve explored all of the hotel we care to. It’s lovely aside from a leaky bidet in the kids’ room.

My problem is the slightly same-y nature of some of the events of full days 1 & 2. It’s really not a criticism but there’s just so many ways you can say “I’ve been swimming” or “I got overenthusiastic playing water polo”. Today I added a game of beach volleyball to my diary. Very good it was too.

We must get to some of the other restaurants sometime for sure but for now a delicious buffet will do. With wine. Followed up by cards. Which is always good.

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