Luxor, the Nile and walking the plank

Well I’ve been awake now for getting on 17 hours and they’ve been a pretty full 17.

Waking up this morning was fine and our rep had made the arrangements of a breakfast box (sandwich, pastries, water, fruit) and an alarm call. So we were down to reception in good time and as chilled as it’s possible to be having been woken at 4am.

Quick trip to the airport then a bit of waiting about for our flight to Luxor. First surprise was the relative lack of plane security – presumably because it’s a domestic flight. No not taking water here thankfully.

The flight was similar to the inter island Caribbean flights I had a few months back, including open seating and the same type of plane. The trip was longer than I expected but was fine.

The day itself consisted of visits to various sites, most of which you either know about, can look up or don’t care. I’ll just post some pics in time but just be fairly brief here.

In the morning we visited the Valley of the Kings and particularly the tombs of Rameses IV, Tutankhamun and KV 8 and KV 11. All very interesting on a scale that is difficult to believe – the practicalities of moving hulking great stones down near 45 degree slopes like in Tutankhamun’s tomb really doesn’t bear thinking about.

Then onto Hepshetsut’s temple (excuse any dodgy spelling please!) – big but somehow not as inspiring as other things seen.

Just down from there we stopped at this alabaster factory for shopping, and so the locals could engage in some gentle flirting with the ladies present.

Then we took some photos at these huge stone statues. Will need to look up the name of them as forgotten it now!

From there we headed for the banks of the Nile to cross it in this small boat, equipped with an outboard motor that kept shutting down.

After lunch we visited Kanakh Temple which was built on a scale that is simply extraordinary. For example they have these stone obelisks that had to come and be put up as one piece. Of 30m long stone. The place just went on and on.

Then to Luxor Temple which was similar but much much smaller. Finally to a shop selling some papyrus stuff where we were shown about the making of the stuff.

It’s really been an amazing, if very tiring day. The one down side was the predictable amount of hassle you get from street sellers when they see English people arrive. It all got a bit excessive at times.

I’m just winding down now wondering what delights await us in tonight’s hotel show. Will definitely involve consumption of beer!

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