A different Christmas

Yep Christmas this year is very much not like any other I’ve had. I’ve Xmas away from home before but that was in London which for a while was more or less a second home anyway.

No this Xmas has been just different. Yes Santa arrived on time and I got (and gave) some lovely pressies. Turkey was duly consumed and sparking wine put away. Now it’s Boxing Day and as usual I’ll be interested in the footy scores, probably without seeing any actual footy.

But it’s still different. The turkey consumed was on Christmas Eve when at the hotel they laid on a massive special buffet (not the Christmas gala dinner we’d been promised but never mind that now). We played charades in our hotel room grabbing a rest before going out to an Italian restaurant for a meal.

At home a few hardy souls go in the sea for a Xmas Day dip. I played water polo yesterday afternoon and saw my kids try and drown fully grown adults (who incidentally sounded like they’d spent Xmas Eve skinny dipping).

We also spent some of the afternoon several meters under the Red Sea in a submarine / boat watching that evening’s dinner swim by with the extras from Finding Nemo.

Actually it was a fab experience. Getting up close with gorgeous fish and coral while staying dry and with great company is a fantastic way of spending any day. Let alone Christmas day.

It has been a fab Christmas and it’s been a fab holiday. There’s elements that could have been better. Oh god, I hope I won’t be dribbled over during the flight back. But by and large it’s been fab.

It’s a windy day today so not great sunbathing weather so will be off for a game of volleyball shortly. Hope all readers (both of you!) have had a fab Xmas.

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