Djerba, Tunisia days 1-4

We have had a great first half of our holiday (and doesn’t thinking about being halfway through the holiday sound depressing). The weather has been beautiful. Yes, perhaps a little hot at times but really you’d have to be very grouchy to moan about that.

Despite that we do have our moans. We had to complain three times at reception to get someone to look at our air conditioning in our room. Views on food have been mixed. Daytime entertainment has been fine but occasionally a bit too pushy. Various staff seem to have an attitude from time to time. Evening entertainment has been good despite the constraints of having to do every announcement in four languages, which makes it all a bit slow moving, which for comedy night wasn’t great. Actually they did essentially the same sketch we saw at a similarly multilingual evening in Egypt last year. It didn’t get funnier the second time (OK to be fair – they really wouldn’t have known that)

Actually not all the evening entertainment has been OK. They had a fakir show on Saturday but rather than have it on the stage inside they set it up down a few steps towards the pool, in order that the smallest possible number of people could actually watch it. The show itself was OK enough.

We’ve played water polo (e.g. loosely controlled violence in water), been in a pedalo, played petanque and done some archery (I started well and got worse). All very fun and enjoyable.

I think this hotel is one you really have to throw yourself into and we’re probably a little too chilled out for it. But that really is not to say we’re not enjoying ourselves. We are and are looking forward to the rest of it.

By the way, just saw the end of F1 qualifying, from German TV. The commentary still made more sense than when James Allen did it, and the slightly horrified/stunned reaction of the German commentators when Vettel failed to beat Hamilton was totally priceless!

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