Djerba, Tunisia days 5-7

It’s Tuesday night, and our time in Tunisia is nearly over. I’ve had a great time but I do have the lingering feeling I’d have had a better time at another hotel.

Over the past couple of days we’ve taken a canoe and pedalos out into the sea and had a great time doing it. Although I was reminded how hard pedaling those pedalos can be. Pretty good exercise I reckon. I took the canoe – it may have technically been a kayak, my paddle had two blades but someone scowled at me yesterday for calling the boaty thing I was in “a kayak”. I’d never done that much kayaking in the past but I loved it and I must do more in future.

Pool violence – sorry, water polo – has still been fun although saving a goal with the end of my nose probably wasn’t ideal. The entertainment has still been patchy. We skipped the delights of “Mister Riu” but quite enjoyed the “cabaret” night. Tonight’s live music wasn’t great sadly.

Over the last few days when chilling on a sun lounger I’ve been reading “An Idiot Abroad”. It’s an excellent book, but I start to spot my own thoughts in there from time to time. Like quite early on Karl talks about entertainment he saw on a boat one evening which was a bloke spinning around for 15 minutes. I think we saw this guy in Egypt last year, only by the time we saw him he’d added a large number of plates to his act. Seemed much longer than a quarter of an hour too.

I also spotted Karl talking about some places having nothing to them if they didn’t have one of the seven Wonders of the world. This echoed my thoughts about Pisa rather more closely than I’d like. I’m happy to report that I don’t agree with him about Chinese people over the age of 35.

Earlier today I was thinking about how many places I’d been to this past 12 months or so and I guess I’ve done well. Well enough to get a Silver BA card anyway. Which is nice.

In the year I’ve visited (in roughly chronological order): Guernsey, London, Antigua (the airport and across the road from it mainly), St Maarten, St Kitts, Tortola (BVI), Quimper, Rennes and Cancales in France, Sharm-El-Sheik and Luxor in Egypt, Pisa and here, Djerba.

Hard to complain about that lot really and just hope the next year doesn’t fall too far short of that.

Tunisia has been good but I can’t deny I’m looking forward to hearing home. Via the lovely BA Gatwick lounge first of course ūüėČ

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