Southampton, Winchester and Gosport


We started off the day with more of the same fantastic food which we had the night before. A really nicely done buffet cooked breakfast and a couple of cups of coffee. Lovely. Then we had a quick trip to an Asda to stock up for the day, and buy some rolls and meat for lunch.

Our first trip proper for the day was to Southampton. It wasn’t a long drive but it was still enjoyable. For this day we had planned to see the Sea City museum, and we spent a fascinating couple of hours there.  The exhibition about those who have come to, and left, the town was OK, and very interactive – just watch out for the rats – but that about the Titanic was amazing. Really interesting and enjoyable. A couple of hours really well spent.

Next up was a trip to Winchester, which featured our first visit to Primark of the week, although in fairness very little actual shopping was done.  The highlight of this town was very much the cathedral. The cathedral itself is simply beautiful, and there were a few volunteers on hand with a few relevant stories to tell. OK that sort of thing isn’t our style but it was still an excellent trip.

After a great evening with family tonight we then returned to our latest Premier Inn venue, in Gosport. A slightly newer hotel than last night’s in Poole, and so far it’s been as comfy as always.

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