Finding the wrong Oracle


The third day started with another Premier Inn breakfast. This time one of those where you have to pre-order your hot food – not quite as much fun as a buffet but the food was nice. We didn’t have to dash off anywhere so we had a more  leisurely start then we had some days.

We then returned to Brighton as we had always planned to visit the Sea Life centre there. The trip there was fine. We got petrol on the way which took us in a different direction going in via Falmer, which I’ll now always know because it’s the tiny place where Brighton’s football ground is. Not in Brighton – which would be silly of course.  One thing about it though.  It is a massive enormous imposing structure dominating the scenery around it. I’ve walked past Old Trafford before and that seemed tiny in comparison.

Anyway, the Sea Life centre was good. Not great maybe although that’s largely because we’ve been to better aquariums for better value, but it was still a good morning.  I then went for a run along the Brighton seafront. The run looked like a brilliant idea in theory. Unfortunately there turned out to be two problems. Firstly, the seafront  pavement was closed opposite the Grand Hotel and I really didn’t want to mess around crossing roads I didn’t know, so I just ran back from there and decided to go the other way. Sadly that didn’t get me that far either as the seafront seemed to stop after the car park right down on the coast and as this was meant to be a “comfortable” run a quick hill climb didn’t appeal, so it got cut short that way too. Oh – and it rained too.  Irritating but a good training session in the end.

We then made our way up to our next hotel in Bracknell to relax a bit before going out.  We had a table booked at Jamie’s Italian in The Oracle centre in Reading so we tried to head there. The SatNav had other ideas though. I had searched for all shopping centres in Reading and it find Oracle on Oracle Drive, so we went there. Unfortunately that Oracle is the computer company. Fortunately we weren’t delayed too long.  I didn’t spend long in the Oracle as such but I do have to go back sometime. The High Street was lovely too. I really liked the feel of the town and I can easily imagine going back sometime.

Jamie’s Italian was lovely. The food was outstanding and I would definitely go back.  The service was a little patchy though, although that could have been us being quite critical and grumpy after all our travelling!  All in all we had another great day and we’re another day nearer our run!

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