The Wheel of Excellence


Today was sort of meant to be a bit quieter but it really REALLY didn’t work out that way.  Breakfast in Gosport was nice enough – had better, had far worse.  Then after a quick relax then we drove down to Brighton. That was a lovely drive especially the last bit along the seafront past Hove.  The satnav was playing tricks so insisted on sending us around the block rather than directly to the car park that had been recommended to us. No harm done really though.

The main purpose of visiting was so our daughter could attend something, but we might as well enjoy ourselves while we were there.  At the recommendation of our hosts the previous night, we did this murder mystery trail thing where we started by Brighton Pier and walked around the “cultural quarter” finding things and solving clues.  We had a detour to meet our daughter again and pop for lunch somewhere.

I have to say this trail thing was brilliant fun, as it was hard enough to really get us looking for stuff, but it was still perfectly achievable without needing to be a member of Mensa. Compared to the completely unsuccessful challenge of trying to find a “dongle” (apparently – a thingy for mobile internet anyway) it went brilliantly. Loved it.

After that we all met up again, and instead of heading straight back to the car we went on the “Wheel of Excellence”. This was a great surprise as we had never planned it, and probably didn’t really have time to have a go, but it was well worth it for the fantastic views and photo opportunities.  Shame about it’s name really because it sounds like a working title for an 80s arcade game, or Japanese manga cartoon. OK it wasn’t the London Eye but it was still a great visit.

Tonight we had another lovely evening laid on by other family friends and ended up leaving much later than we had planned but we were having such a fab time again we didn’t really want to leave. In the end we got to our hotel in Burgess Hill about 11 which was fine considering we’re planning a properly quiet day tomorrow. We’ll see….

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