Heading towards Silverstone


This was our last morning in a Premier Inn before the run on Sunday but we thought we’d have a little more relaxed breakfast. Pastries all round then.

The plan today was drive to Oxford, have a look around Oxford Castle and then see how we feel. Oxford was easy to get to but a little hard to navigate around. The car park at the castle was tiny and full, and when we did get in they denied all knowledge of our reservation for a tour. We did get sorted out though.  The Oxford Castle Unlocked tour was a little expensive but it was really good. The actor/guide did a great job and helped us enjoy it loads, despite the fairly grim weather on top of the tower she showed us round. A quick tour around the old prison was interesting too.

After lunch we just went straight to our hotel in Northampton, but not before we had seen what was at least the fourth different London Road we’ve driven along. I joked earlier in the week that every town in England has one, except London and now I’m really starting to wonder if it’s true.

We ate at the hotel tonight, and loved it, but after that we started preparing properly for our run bringing together the stuff we will need on Sunday, and packing our bags for after the race. It’s all getting very close now!

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