The shopping before the race


Not much to add today, partly because we’ve left today largely as a shopping day, but also because we’re spending a second night in the same hotel in Northampton.

In the hotel here, we went swimming which was good and relaxing, but I had my last treadmill run before the big day. All good.

Shopping was good although some of that was interrupted by a football match taking place at the “Stadium MK” (continuing a theme of earlier in the week I noticed that the stadium is actually in Bletchley, not Milton Keynes and certainly not in Wimbledon!).

We also did some shopping in Bedford which was a surprisingly pretty town, with a very pleasing liking for free parking on a Saturday afternoon.

So, tomorrow’s the big race day. Our first ever half-marathon. I am getting a bit fed up of having sore shins all the time, so I’ll be glad when it’s over but I dare say I’ll keep pressing on with the running, but let’s get tomorrow out the way first before thinking about that. I’m as ready as I can be.

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