My first 10k race

I was meaning to post something about my first ever 10km race sometime in the week or so since I ran it but I just haven’t. Maybe it’s because already running has become so normal for me that even doing a new race just isn’t all that exciting.

It really was a great day though. Yes it was very early in the morning, or at least it felt it because of just needing to do everything that needed doing that morning.

We got to the race start really early, such that there were maybe only 3-5 other entrants there. That next hour or so really flew by. More people came and eventually we had maybe 36 entrants. There were a couple of no-shows including one guy who made it about half an hour late with a hangover and just joined in about a third of the way through.

We started and I deliberately settled at the back. Only I realised quite quickly I was feeling good enough to go faster. I found a rhythm around 11-11.5km and found myself overtaking people. It probably wasn’t until about 3k into the race when I finally found what felt like my rightful place on the road. I followed a couple of guys pretty much the whole last 5 or 6k. Then the race was just about endurance. The pace was what I had, and maybe I could have gone a fraction faster but I wasn’t going to allow myself to go too fast at any stage. I put on a little sprint such that my last mile was my fastest ever (so my watch said) but maybe, just maybe, I could have given a little more.

In the end the official results had me down as 23rd out of 34 finishers, with a time a good couple of minutes faster than I was hoping for – 53:10.

Now I’ve got no race plans until Silverstone next year, but I’m sure I won’t be able to wait until then! It was great day and I’m looking forward to the next one!

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