Sprint intervals

I thought I’d post details of my last but one training session here as it was really one to remember.


Firstly, I have been very slack lately and have gone the best part of a fortnight between runs. It’s been a long couple of weeks so it was good to get running again.

However, this session was just a little bit special. Jean suggested we do some sprints between the lamp posts on the sea front. So we sprinted for two lampposts and walked for 4. In the end we did 7 or 8 sets and it was just really good fun. But the really startling thing about the session was the speeds I was apparently getting. The speed trace in this session had a fastest 1km pace of 2:11.

Which is a bit under 27.5kmh. Or 16mph. Or put it another way if I kept that pace going for 100m I’d do that distance in just a tad over 13 seconds.

I was shocked when I worked that out. I always thought I had a bit of sprint speed but was never sure.

Anyway, it was good to get running again, and now a couple of days later my legs are still hurting a fair bit. I think that’s a good thing!

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