Malta days 5 – 7

The past couple of days here in Malta have continued essentially along the lines of the first four.

On Friday, we had another quite tiring day, spending the day walking around Valletta. It is another quite historic place but has a lot of modern touches and shops. We visited a war museum first but probably the highlight of the day was Malta 5D. A brilliant experience enjoyed by everyone. We really should have something similar in Jersey.

In the evening we went out for a meal at a Maltese restaurant, Ta Marina, because we know they had music and entertainment. Both were great even if my own dancing was probably a bit dodgy!

Saturday had a slightly later start and a more relaxed agenda. We visited a few towns on the coast, but here the highlight was a boat trip to see the Blue Grotto and other caves. The trip itself was quite choppy, but actually that just made the whole experience better. I videoed the whole thing and look forward to seeing it back sometime.

Today we were back at Valletta, firstly to see the normal Sunday market. To be fair it wasn’t brilliant and we were reliably informed that it was nothing like as big as it used to be. Shame.

From there, and after a drink at the lovely Cafe Gordina just around the corner from the main square where there was a live singer today, we went to catch a ferry over to Sliema. That is a much more tourist focused place but not so much so to be unpleasant. In fact it was lovely, the only downside being how busy the buses are leaving there so we were stood up for virtually all of the 45 minute ride back to Mellieha.

So just relaxing now while we prepare to go out tonight. It seems like it’s been a very short week – a fact probably not helped by our difficult opening day or two – but it has been very very enjoyable so far.

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