Reading and Poole

I’m not sure that I can fully do justice to the past long weekend. It’s just flown by in far too short a time. Some bullet point highlights…

* Arrived pretty late to our hotel in Poole but not too late to enjoy a pint or two and a lovely meal. Actually two meals – breakfast was great too.

* Really good drive up to Reading. Seemed to be overtaking cars all the way despite not speeding. Very much.

* Eventually met up with Jean after a brief diversion on the M4 heading for Wales. Picked the wrong lane of six on a scary roundabout near Reading.

* Helping Lauren move in was straight forward enough apart from Asda giving us a box SO MASSIVELY LARGE THAT IT COULDN’T FIT OUR CARS BOOT. Had to drive back to halls, drop off ludicrously large box and return to Asda for passengers.

* Found an excellent hotel / pub combo for future reference. Step forward the Reading-Whitley Travelodge and their neighbour the World Turned Upside Down (not a Filipino restaurant whatever Facebook says). We’ll be back and we know when.

* Stumbled across the best service station / rest stop in southern England. Winchester Services – highly recommended.

* Sunday afternoon we watched the BBC highlights of the Singapore F1 GP. I have heard since it was a good race – the highlights made it look terribly dull.

* Nice boat trip back. Far less eventful than the trip out, but sadly a bit more dull too.

* We still love shopping in Asda and to a lesser extent Lidl.

That is all. A great long weekend. Very special.

(Just about ) On the way to Reading

So we’re off then to take Lauren to university. And having a leisurely drive back down home over the following couple of days too.

The early part of the trip hadn’t gone well really. Condor “Express” had engine problems so took longer going everywhere. It left half an hour late, spent half an hour faffing off of Guernsey waiting for a berth to come open, although as of the time I’m writing this I do think they’ve made some time back.

We’re meant to be in to Poole about 7-ish and we’ll be better 9pm, but hopefully still in time to get the meal we’ve paid for in advance. Fingers crossed nothing else happens!

Actually judging by the announcement they’ve just made about the vodka “Sampling Station” I think they’ve decided to just get everyone hammered. Apart from drivers. Hmmm….not fair.