(Just about ) On the way to Reading

So we’re off then to take Lauren to university. And having a leisurely drive back down home over the following couple of days too.

The early part of the trip hadn’t gone well really. Condor “Express” had engine problems so took longer going everywhere. It left half an hour late, spent half an hour faffing off of Guernsey waiting for a berth to come open, although as of the time I’m writing this I do think they’ve made some time back.

We’re meant to be in to Poole about 7-ish and we’ll be better 9pm, but hopefully still in time to get the meal we’ve paid for in advance. Fingers crossed nothing else happens!

Actually judging by the announcement they’ve just made about the vodka “Sampling Station” I think they’ve decided to just get everyone hammered. Apart from drivers. Hmmm….not fair.

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