Reading and Poole

I’m not sure that I can fully do justice to the past long weekend. It’s just flown by in far too short a time. Some bullet point highlights…

* Arrived pretty late to our hotel in Poole but not too late to enjoy a pint or two and a lovely meal. Actually two meals – breakfast was great too.

* Really good drive up to Reading. Seemed to be overtaking cars all the way despite not speeding. Very much.

* Eventually met up with Jean after a brief diversion on the M4 heading for Wales. Picked the wrong lane of six on a scary roundabout near Reading.

* Helping Lauren move in was straight forward enough apart from Asda giving us a box SO MASSIVELY LARGE THAT IT COULDN’T FIT OUR CARS BOOT. Had to drive back to halls, drop off ludicrously large box and return to Asda for passengers.

* Found an excellent hotel / pub combo for future reference. Step forward the Reading-Whitley Travelodge and their neighbour the World Turned Upside Down (not a Filipino restaurant whatever Facebook says). We’ll be back and we know when.

* Stumbled across the best service station / rest stop in southern England. Winchester Services – highly recommended.

* Sunday afternoon we watched the BBC highlights of the Singapore F1 GP. I have heard since it was a good race – the highlights made it look terribly dull.

* Nice boat trip back. Far less eventful than the trip out, but sadly a bit more dull too.

* We still love shopping in Asda and to a lesser extent Lidl.

That is all. A great long weekend. Very special.

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