I’m lying here in bed at the end of a day that’s featured a 6-mile run as the second leg of the Jersey Marathon relay, and I believe this is probably my most disappointing race yet.

I started fast, couldn’t keep it going and then ended up needing to take several little walks, although on the plus side I did beat a 10km/h average so in some ways I really should be happy. I just expected more though.

Then I got back home to hear how brilliant the first leg of the marathon was with my wife running around town to a fantastic reaction and great crowds. While I suffered in front of very few people, and struggled for motivation just as I do when training.

So my 9.6k was done in about 56:20 which was only OK. Not terrible, just OK, but certainly worse then I was hoping.

Then getting off the bus back at the start revealed that I was actually in a little bit of discomfort from my right leg which I’d never noticed when running – as usual, as if my body would ever let me know when I was running in pain. It didn’t get better during today so now I’ve come round to thinking that I hurt myself early in my run, but didn’t know anything about it so didn’t adapt much other than running slower and doing a bit of walking.

It’s also putting my other run plans at risk. The big goal is a sub 2-hour half marathon in Silverstone next year, so any thought of the Durrell Dash and the Spartans Half Marathon have to wait for now. All a bit frustrating but in fairness I’ve been lucky with injury for a fair while now.

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