The training continues…

And so, as expected in my previous post the sometimes monotonous plod-plod-plod of running training is in full swing now. I’m following a really good training programme that is giving plenty of variety but it’s all too easy to good days and bad days.

After doing the Run Jersey 10k last year in a time I was really happy with, I was once harbouring ambitions of running the Silverstone Half in around an hour 50 mins. I’ve tried to run at the sort of pace that would be required and I just haven’t been quite there in training. Although having said that tonight’s run was probably my best for quite some time having run a kilo at the end of it in under five minutes.

In just over a month’s time I think I’ll be pretty happy with a run under two hours. But having said that before I ran last year’s Half I hadn’t run anything like that distance before and I ran the whole thing. And when I did the 10km I ran miles better than in training.

So just maybe, with the race day pressure and adrenalin, who knows what can be achieved? Looking forward to finding out.

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