The night before the race

It’s about 10pm in a hotel near Silverstone the night before the Silverstone Half Marathon. I think I’m ready. My leg/knee has felt far better than it has in a while. I’m as ready as I can be.

The trip here has been a little tiring but only because we’ve packed in 4-5 hours of driving today. Perhaps a tad ambitious, although it has been a lovely day. It was good to sit in Lauren’s Reading home and enjoy a cup of tea with her.

I think next time though we’d find a way to spend an extra day in travelling up here. Just to take a little pressure off on the day. We had a lovely meal tonight at The Green Man bar attached to the hotel. I can imagine coming back here very easily even if it’s not as convenient as the circuit Snooze Box would have been.

I’m looking forward to the race. I know I have it in me to run faster than last year so it’s about the body holding up and just getting it done on the day. I can’t wait!

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