Mind racing planning for next year

The mental analysis of what happened on Sunday continues. Sadly it continued well into the early hours on Monday night/Tuesday morning as I couldn’t get to sleep for thinking too much about how different next time will be.

The reality is there just aren’t that many races in my schedule so every one really needs to be grasped with both hands, and on Sunday I just didn’t do that, so when I’m home there’ll be a whole process of figuring out what did happen. Could have been injury during training. Could have been the correcting insoles we started using last year. Could just be a need for new trainers. All good manageable stuff but the bottom line is I just can’t wait to get running again. I’ll probably do a Half-Marathon in training somewhere in the build up to the Run Jersey event in June. Anything that will get me more sure of my performance.

I’m writing this on the boat on the Tuesday morning and we seem to have a member of staff on the PA system with a sense of humour. Earlier on we had “In a bit I’ll tell you about the duty free offers. As soon as I’ve read up about them” and just now “It’s probably the cheapest Chanel offer you’ll ever see. Well best value at least. It is Chanel so the word cheap probably doesn’t go”

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