Well since my last post on March I spent pretty much all of April not running at all. I took the advice of my osteopath to not run at all for a time and that time was about 6 weeks as it came out so it was necessary to decide whether I would still do all three events of the Jersey Road Festival. I didn’t decide immediately but after not quite enough training I decided dropping the Half Marathon was a good thing.

The Friday just gone was meant to be the 10k event but foul weather and puddles meant that the course was changed to two laps of a course adding up to 9km. But they were 9 horrible kms or at least a couple of them were thanks to this hill (note that there were a few less horses on the course on Friday).

The first lap was alright. Ok the horrible hill was duly horrible but it was fine. Turning onto the second lap took me up another hill which I’d actually run up first time but didn’t find as bad then. On the second lap it was steep, long and generally nasty. Then it was just enduring to the big hill again at the far end of the loop which I took my time over but it was fine. The return run was very tough. By this time the sun has come out so the conditions seemed quite draining. I had enough left though to muster up a bit of a sprint and my final km went well.

In the end I finished my 9km in under 50 mins which was fine. Not my best run ever but I did well.

I knew I’d put a lot into the run but I had plenty back for the next mornings 5k….

It’s hard to describe the 5k in as much detail. It was on roads we train on all the time. But it just went so well. I followed another runner for the first part of the run and overtook them on the way back and kept the pace high (that’s “my high” which is 12km/h).

I had enough back for a bit of a fast finish, so much so that I ran my fastest mile ever in that final mile. But ultimately i was to get another record taking a minute off my 5k PB. I was delighted. I ran well, ran hard and persevered through a tough patch towards the end when I could have easily slowed down yet still made my PB but I kept going.

I made it under 25 mins for my 5k – and actually nearer 24 and a half – which was loads better than I’d imagined wishing for. I did well and I’m proud of my run.

So now on to the next run which will be the Spitfire 10k in North London in a couple of months time. I can’t wait!!

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