Wind, rain and outstanding running

Let’s be quite clear about this – the weather today was awful. Windy, raining steadily and not particularly cool in the circumstances. But we still got up and ran for 45 minutes.

And ran pretty damn hard at that. On the way out the wind was behind me for the first 15 minutes or so and I was setting some seriously fast pace – up to 12km/h which I just don’t do for distance runs. Towards the end of the outward run around the other side of the bay I was running into the wind again and it was tough.

At one time I couldn’t keep my left eye open because the wind and rain were just beating really hard on it. The occasional sea wall brought some relief but it was tough. On the way back it was predictably hard in much the same way as 12km/h briefly seemed relatively easy but I kept a pretty good 11km/h average in the main.

So all in all I was just about on 10k record pace, but I never intended to go for that so I didn’t. But it was however my fastest run ever at any distance greater than 5k. Really proud of that. It was a great run and training is going well.

Today’s favorite running tune was the very excellent Alistair Griffin “Always No. 1”. Liked that a lot.

One-hour run

Cracking training run today. I set out to break my record for distance run in 60 minutes and I managed to beat that by 290m. I also did a quarter-marathon in under one hour (about 58:25 compared to my previous best of 1:00:30 in this year’s Silverstone Half). Absolutely delighted with that.

We’ve also now registered for the 2016 Silverstone Half which might even be a warm-up for the London Marathon in the unlikely event that we get a place in the ballot. Plenty of running to do between now and then though.

Today’s top running tunes
Imagine Dragons – It’s Time:
Bad Lieutenant – Running Out Of Luck:
Girls Aloud – The Loving Kind:
Manic Street Preachers – Some Kind of Nothingness:
The Primitives- Crash:

After work tempo

Seriously delighted with my run tonight. I set out to run a fast mile and I certainly managed that. My previous fastest mile was 7:34 achieved in the final third of the Jersey Festival 5k.

So it’s not really a fair comparison but I guess that’s why I was interested how fast my best mile could be.

I wasn’t to be disappointed –  7:11 was the result. Am improvement of 23 seconds. Brilliant effort even if I say so myself.

Resetting your goals

We are now 9 weeks away from our next race, the Spitfire 10k in London. I can’t wait really. Ever since being somewhat less than successful in the Silverstone Half and then taking an injury break, my running has gone from strength to strength. A 5k and mile PB then a 1km PB not long ago.

What all of that strong racing and training has taught me is that my basic pace is better than it used to be.  So for today’s training session I thought I’d do some very direct race preparation – not for the shorter distances but rather for my next half-marathon which will only be another 2 months after the 10k.

Today I decided I’d run 10km but at sub-2 hour Half-marathon pace which I’d worked out to be around 10.6km/h. 5:42 per km.

And without too much fuss I just did it. Somewhere in the second half of the run I was toying with the idea of both running 1 hour and of completing a quarter-marathon. And yes it would only have been another four minutes running but before I did I decided not to for no other reason than I set out to run 10k and that’s what I was going to do.

And I loved it. It was progressively tough but after proper preparation I had no doubt I could complete that sub-2 half. So talk of merely doing a PB has passed. Sub-2 is where it’s at!

Mixing it up

Since my last post and my PB-breaking 5km race run, I’ve set one more record whilst in training. A new 1km best of 4:20.39 set in the first kilometre of an after-work training session last week.

I tried another fast session in that time which in the end fell well short of records. And another session where I ran a really strong 6km.

The Spitfire race seems a long way away but I need to use that time wisely to be able to get the most out of the 10k race. All on track for now, but lots of work still to be done.