Resetting your goals

We are now 9 weeks away from our next race, the Spitfire 10k in London. I can’t wait really. Ever since being somewhat less than successful in the Silverstone Half and then taking an injury break, my running has gone from strength to strength. A 5k and mile PB then a 1km PB not long ago.

What all of that strong racing and training has taught me is that my basic pace is better than it used to be.  So for today’s training session I thought I’d do some very direct race preparation – not for the shorter distances but rather for my next half-marathon which will only be another 2 months after the 10k.

Today I decided I’d run 10km but at sub-2 hour Half-marathon pace which I’d worked out to be around 10.6km/h. 5:42 per km.

And without too much fuss I just did it. Somewhere in the second half of the run I was toying with the idea of both running 1 hour and of completing a quarter-marathon. And yes it would only have been another four minutes running but before I did I decided not to for no other reason than I set out to run 10k and that’s what I was going to do.

And I loved it. It was progressively tough but after proper preparation I had no doubt I could complete that sub-2 half. So talk of merely doing a PB has passed. Sub-2 is where it’s at!

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