A tale of two runs

This past weekend saw me take part in two races in two days – harking back to my efforts in the summer for the Road Festival (the shorter events of which will not be repeated sadly). The second Parkrun took place on Saturday and earlier in the week I had been drafted in to run the final leg of the Marathon Relay.

Looking back now I sort-of suffered through both but still managed to achieve lots.

Jersey Parkrun #2 took place and I’d not felt quite as good as the week before but I saw pretty sure that I could run better than the first time. The first lap passed well and I was running at a good speed. The second lap of the cycle track was good too. Then when I got onto the Railway Walk it just wasn’t as easy. The metres felt hard and long and the speed just didn’t stay with me.

That’s how it felt but actually according to my watch I ran my second fastest 5k ever (possibly not though because my watch also had the run as being 70m longer than last week) and it was about 50 seconds faster. A course PB then which I have to be happy with don’t I? Hmmm it was OK.

Which brings us to today then and the Jersey Marathon Relay. As I said before earlier in the week I was drafted in to replace an injured runner, despite having a fairly heavy cold myself earlier but it cleared up in time.

For the relay there was the traditional logistic hassle of having to reach the start, but we met everyone in plenty of time. Too much time really. When eventually I started my first annoyance was the silly velcro backed ankle tag we had to wear to get chip-timing working properly. It was needless faffing really and considering the vast cost of entry per team, you’d really have liked to have thought they could afford one per runner. Actually at the cost they should have been able to afford one each, lined with saffron and dipped in molten platinum, but that moan is for another day.

I followed the rules and ran without music, and before long found that my mind wandered rather a lot. So I chose to focus on following my fellow runners. That served me well until about 7km when I just decided to do my own thing.

I’d obviously kept enough energy back because when two guys came running past me in the final few hundred metres I had enough to just sprint past them on the finish line. But naughty really according to race etiquette but I blame them for passing me in the first place – they got my attention.

So my 9.2km was complete in 47 minutes. Which, if I’d have kept the same speed going until 10k would have taken about two minutes off that PB. I did set one best taking about a minute off my 5 miles best time.

All together it’s been a tough weekend but really affirming my love of race running. I may not be quickest, but I’m far from the slowest but I just really enjoy the competition of it all. And to know we have 11 more of those competitions (not including parkruns) is a very very good feeling indeed.

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