The Color Run and more

It’s now just over a week until my next big run, the Poppy Half Marathon in Bexhill-on-Sea. My training has actually been rather mixed over the past month but I do feel ready for a really strong performance.

But looking back when preparing this post I realised that I had never mentioned the Color Run here. That was a brilliant event and experience but probably only a so-so run. The actual running itself was a little difficult because most people weren’t running for much of it. And I didn’t really get as painty (that really should be a word) as I was expecting. But still we loved Brighton and had a brill time for the race and all weekend.

In this time I’ve also done a couple of pretty successful Parkruns, including one after a rather mad night out with work where I only finished 8 seconds outside my best despite having a walk about halfway through.

I’ve also had a ten mile training run in just a little over 90 minutes, but some slightly worse training runs which led me to decide that a short rest was necessary, which I had only lasting a few days but I’m much better for it.

So the hard work has been done then and I just have to wait for the next big run. Should be great!

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