Back to the shorter distances

After something slightly resembling a break after the exertions of the Poppy Half Marathon it was back to the old routine of Saturday morning Parkrun and longer Sunday training runs this weekend.

Parkrun #9 went very well. It didn’t look good up front because the weather was far from pleasant – wind and rain featuring strongly – but the wind seemed to fade and the rain seemed to go away. Fortunately for me the hail held off until after I had finished.

I set out hard and early on overtook some guys I had become used to racing with and I just stayed there hanging on at a reasonably solid 12-and-a-bit km/h. For the last kilo or so I found the downhill section hard but had saved enough for a really strong 15km/h finish, managing to run away from someone who had re-passed me in that last section. The end result was a nice 24:35 – really happy with that.

For today’s run I set out to run 10k at close to 11km/h early on and then try and hang on to that pace as long as I could. The first half went fine and as I turned around my body was calling out for me to stop, but instead I just refocused on counting down the distance still to run.

In the end I did my second fastest 10k ever and the fastest not in a race situation – a fraction under 55 minutes. I think it’s fair to say that preparation for that winter 10k runs is going really well.

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