London review

So I started writing this in London at the beginning of what became three short trips all close together for very different things.

This first one started with a rather lumpy trip to Gatwick although it could have been much worse judging by the wind out there. It started off not particularly promisingly with being told the seat belt lights would stay on throughout.

Last time we were on the Gatwick run we had a comedian as pilot. This time we didn’t although we did have a slightly different life jacket demo. Now if I’m supposed to follow exactly what we’re shown then I should have done my hair just after putting the life jacket over my head. Can’t believe I’d never noticed that before. I’ve been such a fool….

The first trip to London was otherwise uneventful as was the second, although that second trip did involve a rather long night entertaining and enjoying the company of some clients. Returning to my hotel at 2am really wasn’t in the plan.

The last trip we’ve returned from featured a late night too at an excellent work party.

But most importantly it featured some running. Yes you knew it was coming eventually didn’t you?

On this occasion there’s not really so much to say. It was a relatively low-key event so we just left our nearby hotel room, went out in this horrible poxy misty rain and queued to register. The event started on time and the Regent’s Park course was a good one. I think my lasting image though has to be one of the camels looking out from its enclosure to us fools running about with a suitably quizzical look on its face.

I had a bad patch at about 7 or 8km in although the reason for this later became apparent after I saw the speed I had run for the preceding 5km. I slowed up a little for maybe around a kilometre, but fought back strongly over the last 2km or thereabouts.

At the end of the day I recorded a time of 50:49, which was a PB by about three minutes and very much in line with what I had previously been hoping for. In February I’ll be going for the sub-50 and I’m really looking forward to it.

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