Best run of 2016

OK. I’m writing this with rather sore feet and legs which have been bothering me a wee bit ever since doing Parkrun this morning.

Jersey Parkrun #14 wasn’t really set to be brilliant right from the start of the day. I woke up this morning and thought “ooh it must be early and I’ve got longer in bed because it’s so dark”. Except it was dark because it was peeing down outside and it was time to get up to head to the run.

And it actually wasn’t just peeing down…

It was windy as anything as well. Having read something yesterday saying that setting out on the first mile about 6% faster than target time pace had been found to be most effective, I gave that a go. It didn’t work. I think a combination of the higher place and strong wind coinciding with an uphill bit of road finished me off before I’d really started. I struggled round but at least ran that whole way.

So tonight I thought I’d finish something I’d started yesterday and try and pull together a series of training plans to see me through the 3 10ks, 1 or 2 half marathons and the Jersey Marathon in October that make up most of the rest of our running year. Having a half decent plan works well for me and while I think this one probably needs work I feel better having a plan at least.

I’m definitely looking forward to Silverstone in March and really really need to work towards being under two hours. And then if I could be under four hours in October I’d be delighted. Having a plan needs to help me get there and I think this one might just do that.

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