Picking up the mileage

The title of this post serves as a pretty good description of my week. After a break from running over Christmas, and probably too much food and drink too, I needed to start to get through some mileage to build up to Silverstone in March.

And looking back I’m really quite happy I did that.

On Tuesday I had a slightly tough 4km run after work but it did go well. Because of various reasons I skipped a midweek tempo session but that was definitely a mistake. It’s endurance at speed I lacked last week so those are the sessions I should be focusing on.

A good gym session followed at Thursday which then brings us back to Parkrun yesterday.

Unfortunately it was similar to last week, except this time a short walk was necessary, although all in all it was about 20 seconds faster than last week, but still only just under 2 minutes down on my best. Disappointing really.

Today I set out to run 13km at a long easy pace and I did just that. The flat stretch from La Fregate to St Aubins was passed at a reasonable pace although I was disturbed at one stage by both strong wind and hail. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever run in that.

I also did a couple of kilometres up (and then down) the railway walk. For once I eased up my pace to provide for the terrain and I think that really told by the finish. It was certainly not my fastest ever distance run – far from it – but it was a good session and I ran it all. 13km in under an hour and a quarter made me happy.

So this time next week I hope to have run 16km, and I definitely want to have had an interval session of some kind too. Hoping for a good one!

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