Steady as we go

The couple of weeks of running have been pretty good. Last midweek was probably the worst session of the bunch, trying to fit in a session after a work event while it was happy blowing a gale along the seafront. But it did the job as a short recovery session. Then a trip to the gym on Thursday to help rest the calf muscle I hurt running down the railway walk the previous Sunday.

The next run was Parkrun #16 and after having struggled on the previous couple I really wanted a good one, so had revised my plan to set out slower. It went pretty well although if I was critical I probably saved too much because I belted up the final climb gaining time all the way – my joint fastest climb up there ever. The time was a touch over 25 minutes which was fine.

My Sunday long run was shortened slightly to 11km but it went well as a steady run. I was happy with it.

This week’s runs were focusing on a endurance at speed so many intervals. A good trip to the gym started the week on Tuesday –  enjoyed that. Then on Thursday I had a tempo/interval session – one quick mile followed by some shorter sections. I didn’t feel amazing at the time but when I looked at the times it was great. Across all of my splits from 400m to about two miles it was in the top 15 or so runs.

Then yesterday rather than having an early start at Parkrun we decided to have a later session so I did a run that I’d originally scheduled for midweek. 5 x 3 minute intervals, and again it went really well. I managed to keep running (gently) in the “rests” between each faster interval such that it was actually my second fastest ever 5k when I wasn’t running with other people. When I discovered that I felt pretty satisfied.

Today’s run was a nice 9k run with Jean going a couple of times around the Les Quennevais track plus down the railway walk to Corbiere and back. Very enjoyable.

I have to say I’m feeling pretty ready for the 10k races to come. I’m looking forward to it!

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