Two weeks, two months, two races

As it’s been two weeks since my last post this could easily be a post about how great / rubbish my training has been leading up to our two latest runs. Well I’d have had to have done some training in that period which I didn’t quite manage for one reason or another.

So let’s just look at the races then. Last weekend’s Cancer Research event was great. It was enormously helped by having what must have been the best hotel on the route – the Amba above Charing Cross is highly recommended. I enjoyed it despite the fairly miserable rain and had an enjoyable run with the camera.

I ended up taking pictures like this. Which were actually fairly good

Yesterday’s run around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park was much better in terms of time even though I’m not wholly sure I enjoyed it more. My first 4k was excellent but there was nothing left to keep it up so in the end I finished 2-3 minutes outside of my best. But I was happy and I’m also thinking of coming back sometime too. It was that much fun.

Especially the slightly overexcited megaphone guy near the start line. He did well though!

I guess at the end of the day now as a fairly frequent runner I can look back on it all and still be pretty happy about it all. And still consider what future runs we might have at the same place over the same course and pretty much the same conditions. It must have gone well then.

Five weeks now till Silverstone and that’s going to be a different challenge entirely.