A little setback

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted properly and it’s really not been a great couple of weeks. I had started building up the distance again aiming for Silverstone next weekend but had been slightly thrown off by a minor cold then not long after getting over that one I got a much heavier cold which I’m really only just shaking off.

The weekend after the QEOP 10k, I thought I’d start on proper marathon route familiarisation. So I ran what is essentially the fourth leg of the relay event, which the Parkrun course added to the end of it. It added up to a half decent 12k. The week after that I was suffering a little with a cold.

After the first cold I felt well enough to get back to parkrun the following Saturday. I had a go at #21 and got a time in the low 26 mins which was fine, although the rest of the day it felt like the effort took a lot out of me. I felt better the next morning and put in a strong 10mile run. Then throughout the rest of the day and for much of the following week I felt worse and worse.

So a week’s training has been lost just when I’d be doing the longest runs to prepare for the Half. It’s only today I’ve got back to it running a reasonable 4k after work. I guess I’ll have another run this midweek and maybe 10k at the weekend.

Then we’ll firmly be on the build up to Silverstone 2016. Getting a little bit excited now but I do wish I’d been able to train a little better. I’m sure all will be well on the day.

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