Silverstone Half Marathon 2016

The Silverstone Half remains unfinished business as I lie here tonight. I ran really well for the first half of the race or so but I wasn’t able to sustain it and actually due to unexpected knee issues I slowed up dramatically in the second half of the race.

I set out with the 1:58 pace running group which was probably best described as comfortably hard. A challenge but I was able to hold the pace. Problems soon came up. Now I don’t know if there were more people in the group than they were expecting but it quickly became clear that around tight corners and narrowing roads (both of which occur pretty frequently around Silverstone) it became hard to run – having to walk a couple of times – and when the track opens up again you find yourself 20 metres further back from the pacer runner than before the corner.  It just made the experience much harder.

The next problem was indirectly caused by the same issue and partly by my own impatience. Heading onto the old pit straight I lost ground as the path narrowed heading into the pits. Then when trying to retain that ground I tried to overtake a few people at the back of the group. Then one ran across a tall road cone to avoid it. I tried to follow, caught my mp3 player cable in the code which made my mp3 player to flying.

In a split second I had to decide whether to abandon it or go back. I decided to go back as we were so early in the event. I ran back a short distance, found it and regained my place in the group within a mile or so. All in all it was annoying but probably no worse than that.

My problems started around half distance. I had found holding onto the group pretty tough but around 9.5km I found my knee starting to hurt. So I decided to leave my pacer group and just walk to rest up a bit. My knee eased when walking but I can’t say it really improved. The pain was really quite severe and quite unexpected too. So pretty much the whole remainder of the race I ran as long as I could take the pain, then walked for a bit to rest up.

And that was that really. I ran/walked the rest of the event and I ended up finishing with an unofficial 2:17:21. Not at all what I was hoping for but it was a finish and at the end of it all I’m still looking forward to being back next year. After a better period of training preferably!

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