9 out of 12 – The Durrell Challenge


It’s a little after 10pm on the night of the 13k Durrell Challenge and I have to say I’m pretty much spent. In fairness the couple of bottles of wine we’ve enjoyed since 11am have had something to do with that. I don’t think I’ve ordered a drink as early as 11 before except on the day of my wedding. And on day trips to France. And maybe when we did the Spitfire 10k last year.

So apart from those dozen or so occasions we’ve never drunk so early.

Anyway, right now I can honestly say I gave my all. It will not be my best ever race of its kind – it was “only” my third best ever 8-miler – but actually that’s pretty hard to judge because I don’t run uphill very much.

The start of the race felt slow but was actually quite quick so it was necessary to keep close control of one’s speed and effort levels. After the initial steady climb was a really nasty hill that I chose to walk up but it went well. And in all honesty most of the rest of the race followed the same pattern. As is currently traditional for me I faded a bit towards the end but had enough for a pretty strong sprint finish. 13km mainly uphill completed in 1:18:55.

I was hoping for 1:15 because that was 4-hour marathon pace but going uphill for this long wasn’t the day for it. But I finished up happy, met a few other competitors that I knew and made my way home. Via the pub for our traditional prosecco.

9 down, 3 to go. And all is well

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