Quick runs and an annoying ankle

Since I posted here last after the Durrell Challenge I’ve only had four runs which is probably a couple less than I’d normally aim for.

Last week was really rather busy which isn’t a great excuse but I did fit in a good gym session instead of my normal recovery run. Enjoyed that. I did the same this week actually but still I probably need to do the extra run a week anyway.

Last Thursday I decided I’d do the little hill circuit on the roads around our house. A good hard 5km was planned and it went really well, particularly on the shorter hills. I set a couple of personal records on route and managed to enjoy it too.


Then came Parkrun #34. That went pretty well but unfortunately after the run when coming back up the course to find my wife I stood in a covered over hole and hurt my ankle. It’s still bothering me a bit now but is at least getting better and I’m able to do a fair bit on it.

Yesterday I had another strong run too with a couple more personal bests and also setting second best ever times for 1km and a half mile. All the time while my wife was doing a brilliant job at the Race For Life. All in all a great day.

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