It begins now

Tomorrow is where marathon training officially begins. Which I suppose for us a bit more running, a bit more concentration and a whole lot more distance.

But I have to say I’m struggling to look as far forward as the marathon in October. That’s months away yet, but of course I have no illusions about the amount of work required to succeed at it. It’s just that there’s three more races first not including any parkruns I’ll inevitably do. And I’m really looking forward to those races.

I feel I’m coming into something vaguely resembling half decent form. Maybe even as good as I was last December when I set my 5k, 5 mile and 10k bests in a six day spell. All of that has been brought on by some really focused speed work, plus some carefully chosen distance runs. Today, for example, I did my second fastest 5 mile run, aside from those in race conditions. I ran well and felt ok afterwards.

I’ve been using Strava to help find some fast sections to attempt during longer runs making interval / tempo runs much more interesting (well, at least the two I’ve done since). The speed is still there and after today I think it’s possible that some endurance might be too.

Busy week ahead then but I’m feeling ready for next week’s run around the Olympic Park.