Olympic Park and building the distance

Over the past month or so I think the key word that goes along with my running efforts has been variety. That’s definitely a good thing because I think variety is something I’ve not been very good at the past couple of years.

This started off just because the Dame Kelly Holmes Olympic Park 10k with an interesting session around the paths, hills and steps around the Peoples Park. It was really hard but a good quality session building strength for the race to come.

The Olympic Park 10k itself was a good run. Obviously we had the traditional weather of tipping down with rain. Making up for the good weather I had during the Durrell Challenge presumably.

I was happy with my run. My second fastest 10k ever, about a minute and a half outside my best in the mid-52 minute range. My pace was really strong but I essentially couldn’t sustain it so I had to take several walks on the way around. It was a great course though and a very memorable day. Great medal too!

Earlier this week the variety continued with what was a session where I just played around with routes and Strava segments. It went well though and showed I certainly have really strong speed.

The distance runs have been extending too. A good steady 8 miles last week and then 10 miles today. The longer run saw me playing about with routes again to keep the mind sharp. All of the way around the Marina was nice but I also followed the route of the Run Jersey Festival 5k from last year – a sadly missed event. In the end the run was my 4th fastest ever quarter-marathon (yes I know that’s not exactly a “real” distance bit I like to track it at least) and my fastest ever 10 mile training run. But it was still very tough, giving rise to a blister which I hope vanishes quickly.

The next one will be the Bath Two Tunnels 10k and I’m looking forward to that although I’m not sure how I’ll feel about being 11 races down out of the 12 we were challenged to do. I’m certainly going to miss some of this, although considering that we already have plans to race in October, March, hopefully April and in May I’m probably not going to have to worry about missing very much!

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