Tunnels and training

Well I can’t quite believe it’s only been around three weeks since I last posted here but I guess it’s been a busy three weeks.

So firstly let’s go back to the Two Tunnels 10k in Bath. This is definitely going to be the most unusual event of our 12-runs-in-12-months and the only one that involved us running through tunnels. Two of them.

Starting the obvious aside it really was an excellent event as a whole. We enjoyed watching children be pelted with powder paint while running their shorter event. The weather was unusually warm for our race despite a wet start to the day. Actually as the day went on the weather became uncomfortably hot, and humid under the trees between the tunnels, and especially so when compared to conditions in the tunnels themselves.

A little clip of the end of the race is here.

We spent a lot more time in Bath and had a great time being shown around a local micro-brewery, the Roman Baths and the beautiful abbey.

On then to Bournemouth and we were not particularly lucky with the weather sadly but it lifted long enough for us to run half of the route of the Bay 10k we took part in a couple of months ago. The real good thing this time was that I ran up the horrible painful zig-zag path that went from the beach to the road above. A tough run but a good one.

The last ten days or so have brought a 10-mile long run that I cut short as I wasn’t running well, a good hill session around home, a half-decent parkrun and then yesterday a great long 12-mile run. Good sessions all.

So in a little under two weeks our 12 race challenge will be over and marathon training will become the main focus. It’s a bit daunting to think that when I running 14-miles this weekend that will include another half-marathon and be the longest run I’ve ever done – but even so the marathon is over 12 miles longer. Long way to go.

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