Towards the year’s end

I thought I would post tonight before the end of our 12 races because I’m reserving a far better post for afterwards – what a year to look back on…

But that’s for another time. For today let’s focus on the last bit of training and racing. Mid last week I had an excellent interval session around the marina. I’ve enjoyed a few runs around there lately. It’s a good location.

Then last weekend saw two good runs. A sub 25 minute parkrun on the Saturday (my first sub 25 in about six months) followed by my longest ever run – a very steady heart-rate controlled 14mile effort. It wasn’t quick but it was strong and effective. I think I enjoyed it. Bits of it certainly. I really never imagined I’d be doing half-marathons and beyond just for fun but I guess that’s the joy of marathon training for you.

After another mid week interval session in which I set a couple of strong Strava segment times, that brought me to London.

This morning i took part in Southwark Parkrun getting my first taste of Parkrun tourism. The event was pretty slick and I enjoyed the course although I have a sneaky suspicion that it was mainly uphill with one short decent. It was tough but somehow I finished in a fraction under 26 minutes. It was fine and despite claiming immediately after the event that “it was horrible” I actually really enjoyed it.

So tomorrow brings us to the end. Of this part of our running adventure anyway. 12 races, 12 months. Nearly.

Very nearly ..

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