7 days to go…

Today marks one week to go until I take part in my first, and quite possibly only, full marathon. I say “only” because I do think my body has long had enough of the sheer distance required in order to fully prepare for a run of such a daft distance.

Since my last post, I’ve run a rather sore and slow 12 miles (shortened from 20) and more slow but much more comfortable 20 miles and finally, at least for the long runs, a nice 10 miles along the Thames Path from Reading.

I actually had planned to run 8 miles this weekend but an injury while running Parkrun put paid to that. Which was pretty annoying really because everything else about that run went well. I kept at more or less my marathon pace except for a dash up the final stretch. That dash included my fastest ever 400m run but at some stage something went though so I now have a sore heel and stiff ankle. Not great timing.

Today we went down to the start/finish area for next week’s run, and partly relying on our recollections from my doing the final leg of the relay event last year tried to think about what it’ll be like. Trying to imagine the emotions – yes there’ll probably be tears – trying to imagine the exact route of the start and the finish. Trying to recall whether the cobbles around the area are covered up – I checked my video from last year: they were covered over.

Just getting into my head that it’s nearly here and despite what my heel and foot say I’m nearly ready to do this.

This could be a very long week…

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