Maybe just one or two more marathons…

OK in my post last week I did say then that I would probably end up doing maybe two or three marathons in total ever, and it didn’t take long for me to sign up for number two.

I might have already entered number three too but for that I’m still going to have to wait and see the outcome of the London Marathon Ballot. I might find out before I go on holiday but possibly not.

A text this morning from a charity asking if I’d got a place briefly made me question whether they knew something I didn’t but after hearing about someone else getting the same message it put that out of my mind. 

I’m approaching this year’s London ballot differently. I’ll be happy to get in but won’t be disappointed if I don’t. I’ve done a marathon. I’ve ticked that box. Yes, London has an extra pull about it but I think I’ll just keep applying until I get in – or until I’m 70 if I’m still running the same speed as I’ll qualify then with a Good For Age time!

So after a conversation over the weekend with my wife who did such a great job supporting my efforts over the past few months and especially last weekend, we decided I would join her in entering the  Jersey Marathon in 2017. And now it’s done.

The Marathon doesn’t have the same fear anymore as it might have done before I completed one. But that doesn’t mean that I’ll be completing lots more of them. I just don’t want that training workload again. I’ll accept it once or twice more but no more. But last weekend confirmed (if it were actually necessary) that I have the determination to push through and finish. Next time I’ll hope for better and quicker but I can be pretty confident I’ll get round.

So another race means that next year’s calendar is filling rapidly. Reading in March. London hopefully in April, two events in Liverpool in May, probably the Durrell Challenge again in May then Jersey again in October. I’ll not be doing the same number of flights next year to get to all of these races but I think I’ll enjoy it all more for that.

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