Rejection and relaxation

In my last post I mentioned that I was waiting on finding out whether I’d beaten the odds to get a ballot place in the London Marathon.  I didn’t and at the moment we’re not planning to replace the run, focusing instead on the two spring half marathons we already have in the schedule.

So the day after learning my fate we were on our way for a well earned holiday in the Dominican Republic. The trip over was excellent, the very slick immigration process particularly worthy of mention.

While we’ve been here I’ve spent a lot of time relaxing on some of the many sun loungers present. I’ve also had my first run since the Jersey Marathon – a little run around the resort complex, followed by another run on a treadmill. That went well although my ankle was quite sore during that evening.

We’ve also done a lot of swimming which has been fun too. I should have been doing some kayaking today too but couldn’t so I’m hoping I’ll get another chance this week.

I also set foot in a casino for the first time, promptly leaving again on realising there was literally no one else in there! Too early apparently! Maybe another time…

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