The speed is still there

​I set out this morning wanting to run for an hour, then being slightly disappointed about struggling a little for breath so cutting my run short at 5km – albeit at a not at all terrible just under 28 minutes.

Now if you know where I live you can just about visualise this. I was walking along the road looking down, looking around, not really paying attention to anything.

Then I looked up and saw the park. The park my wife and I ran around a few weeks ago and set up as a segment on Strava. Hmmm…i wonder.

Three minutes later I’d set the best time ever recorded around that loop – not brilliant mind, someone will be along before long to beat it, but as of right now I’m the best.

I set out trying to test my endurance and ended up proving I still had good speed. Training isn’t quite too plan but I can’t say I’m worried.

​13 days to Greenwich and I’m looking forward to it.