On to the trails

The story of my running for the past couple of weeks – since Bexhill – has been one of very little running. I’ve ran home from work a few times and a couple of miles last Sunday.

However, the fun news has been the introduction of off-road / trail running. We’ve done trail type runs on each of the past two Saturdays and it’s been great.

It’s been really good to just do something different. I’ve given myself a bit of a break, although I’m really looking forward to a good long run tomorrow, probably partly because of the break I’d imagine. The different surfaces have definitely helped my strength and stability too. My ankles have been tired after each run but have definitely been stronger afterwards.

It showed when playing basketball last Tuesday when I nearly went over on an ankle and I was actually able to shake it off really quickly, which is very unlike me recently.

The first run we did was around Sorel Point – once we’d actually found it as the driving didn’t go well that day.

The second run today was around Egypt near Bouley Bay in the north of the island. It was really cold and the trails were not really all that safe so there was plenty of walking but it was still hard work.

So as I said above I’m looking forward to a good long run tomorrow, and looking forward to the next time we run off-road too. Somehow I want to find time for Parkrun somewhere in all this as well but I’m enjoying the different challenge that the trails offer so I see me sticking with those for now. Already got our next venue lined up!

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