Great start to the year

This first week of 2018 has seen some excellent running. First of all I’ve done 41.7kms this week – my 6th greatest ever week apparently. I must be following the same training programme as I was this time last year (not surprising really when I’m preparing for the same corresponding Reading Half Marathon) because this time last year I’d done 42.2kms.

I’ve more or less followed an 80/20 style training programme although allowed myself to diverge from it a bit. Like on New Year’s Day when, rather than having the day off, I did a short run with a sprint in it. That went well.

On Thursday I did an evening hill session with my wife which went incredibly well. Those kind of sessions are ones we can easily do together while still getting a great training effect and each doing our own thing too.

Yesterday I did parkrun again in amongst a longer run. I got my timing a little off though as I had to wait around a minute or so for the start of parkrun and when I completed my 9 miles I was still probably a mile away from the car so something certainly went wrong. I felt good for it all though and completed my 9 miles about 6 minutes faster than this time last year for roughly the same heart rate. A good effort.

I’m still planning new events, and this weekend I’ve been looking very seriously at the Cheddar Gorge Omnium – an all-rounders event in June. It looks like hard work but will also give me the opportunity for my sprinting ability to come into its own for a change. Still thinking that one over though because the half marathon in particular looks like a tough undertaking.

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