February put positively

Ok my last post was a teensy bit negative about February. Probably because I focused on running, and let’s be honest February has not been kind to me running-wise.

However, much of the rest of February has been quite cool. There’s been two trips to the mainland the second of which finished today, and they have been excellent. These are the recommended highlights.

The first trip was around half term and involved the best part of 200 miles of driving and only a little running. Oh and getting very wet.

The first night saw us up in Reading for a post-birthday celebration including cocktails!

We also took a trip to Ikea which can only be fun! The next night took us down to Arundel. We were going to visit Arundel castle but it was closed for some reason.

Following that we went down to Bramber once again to visit the lovely Old Tollgate Hotel. If you follow that link to see the hotel, try and imagine the photo on their front page in black and white. With the wind, rain and cold we suffered there, that was about how the hotel looked, but it was still no less lovely.

When we were there, we were planning to run down to Shoreham but the weather was too miserable and as a result so were we, but we did still have a good run.

Then on the Wednesday – Valentine’s Day – my wife and I went to Stratford to run a brilliant event around the Olympic Park called Chase The Moon. The run was tough again largely down to filthy wet weather but we had a lot of fun. And the medals were cool too.

We ran together and had a great time doing it getting round in about 35 minutes.

So that brings us to this weekend then. We did a bit of traveling around again but probably no more than 100 miles which is evidently quite slack in comparison. The whole family were back together again with the four of us attending a family event.

We stayed near Havant at a Premier Inn with the connected Beefeater pub being elegantly named the Rusty Cutter (or Rusty Gutter as it was delightfully renamed). That was a great base for the weekend actually and we’ll certainly be back.

On Saturday morning, I added a fifth venue to my Parkrun collection. After Jersey 43 times and Southwark, Reading and Old Deer Park (near Richmond) once each, we visited Southsea for their run. I ran on my own on this occasion and found my foot to still be quite sore. The first and last 2 kilometres were pretty good but I had to walk much of the bit in the middle to rest my foot. It’s certainly going to be tough to make Reading although I’m confident I can get round safely if things get no worse.

My time of 28:22 was one of my slower Parkruns but it was still good fun. An amazing venue though and again we’ll certainly be back.

Then yesterday we visited Spinaker Tower and Gunwharf Quays and enjoyed ourselves hugely.

All in all, two amazing trips which we’ll look back on very well in the future.

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