The Loneliness of the Long Distance (non-) Runner

Let’s start this post off by noting I’m not lonely – the above title came to me earlier today though and I wanted to go with it. Regardless of the facts.

I’m going to deal with the runs I didn’t get to do later in this post though. I’ll start first with those I did and actually in the month or so since I last posted here I’ve done only five runs, two of which were races.

First up was the Stroke Association Resolution Run, an optional 5 or 10k around Les Quennevais Sports Centre – essentially two times the Parkrun route. Since my foot injury of late January it had continued to be a struggle to get going and at this point my foot certainly had not improved enough in order to get my fitness up enough. My heart rate shot up and showed quite quickly that I wasn’t going to be at my best. A finishing time of 1:02:12 certainly was not what was expected.

I then took a week off before running seven miles the following weekend, followed by an easy 2 miles the day before we flew to the mainland.

Wednesday saw us heading to the mainland and another run around the Olympic Park for the Chase The Moon 5k. With the half marathon coming at the weekend I deliberately took this easy, although allowed myself some acceleration in the last kilometre (timed at 5:12) to come in just under 29 minutes.

So that brings us then to Reading. We had a great time before the run with a day in London (we loved the Ice Bar and don’t understand why everyone else left so early) and a great time with our daughter.

I’m not going to dwell on it here – yet – but let’s just say that for reasons I don’t fully understand the organisers seemed caught out by the weather that had been predicted and ended up cancelling the Reading Half at 6:30 on the morning of the run. The organisers are yet to offer any kind of benefit or compensation for the cancellation – I’d take a significant discount from next year’s entry fee – and generally their efforts seem to have been focused on Reading residents for some reason. I’ve found that disappointing and as of right not I can’t honestly recommend the run to anyone outside the town, which is a shame because I loved it last year. Anyway, I might moan more fully another time.

However, I made the most of the conditions and got out for a good 4km run in the snow.

What the whole debacle has done though is left me wanting a replacement event but without being prepared to pay significantly for it – once bitten, twice shy and all that. And that in turn has left me with very little enthusiasm for running at all, which will need to change.

Hoping to get out tomorrow though which I hope will put a little spark into my running.